Chartered June 1, 1945, Mu Iota Chapter was formed for graduate Brothers to strengthen and preserve the Omega tradition and ideals that the undergraduate chapter at the Ohio State University, (Iota Psi) had already established since its founding in 1926. Four Brothers from Beta chapter at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania took it upon themselves to establish a forum for Omega Men in the Columbus, Ohio area to fellowship. Once Brothers John White, Allen Wright, George Carter and Bro. Peters founded Mu Iota, at least 30 men in the Columbus area joined them in their quest to uplift Omega.

By 1948, the chapter had been so successful that the National Conclave was held in Columbus that same year. Mu Iota Chapter has since enjoyed the privilege of being an influential factor throughout the Columbus Community. Throughout the years, Brothers of Mu Iota have had a noticeable presence in the public school system, local politics, within the religious and civic associations within the community. During the mid-sixties a group of graduate brothers purchased a residential property for use by the undergraduate Brothers. This was a notable accomplishment, for this property, the “Que House,” located within The Ohio State University community was the first for any non-white organization to have acquired. Unfortunately, by 1976 the “Que House” had to be closed and eventually sold.

For over twenty years the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Mu Iota Chapter Scholarship Golf Tournament has provided over $50,000 to over 100 students going to college. On May 11th, 2002, at the 21st outing, with over 140 golfers, Mu Iota honored Bro. David Jones in front of his peers by renaming the golf outing the David E. Jones Scholarship Tournament in recognition of his innovation in creating this event and self-less dedication through the years taking the lead to make this event a success.

Due to its geographical location and the character and quality of the chapter Brothers, Mu Iota has played a major role within the Fourth District, it has produced 3DRs, 2 DKFs, a DC and Keeper of Peace among other District positions. Many Mu Iota Brothers have served and continue to serve as district level committee chairmen and appointees. Today, Mu Iota Chapter continues to support the National mandated programs and partake in a number of social programs for the benefit of the local community, namely the Adopt-A-Road program, the Food Pantry Program and Project Manhood. The chapter continues to look for quality men to assume the fraternal activism and responsibility set forth by our Founding Fathers.