Omega Gents


Youth benefit by experiencing personal development essential to their long-term success. Our Gents develop academically, socially and emotionally. They grow through various support services and exposure to new positive experiences that reinforce critical life skills. Gents also develop a sense of community by participating in a wide range of service projects. They build confidence necessary to visualize, believe and pursue their dreams. Finally, Gents complete our program with a network of friends to provide continued support.


Program overview

Omega Gentleman Youth Mentoring (Omega Gents) is a club-oriented mentoring program designed around the fraternity’s Cardinal Principles (Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift) to teach and encourage high school African-American males to positively define, plan, pursue and achieve their future.



Services include monthly educational programs and workshops, quarterly social or cultural events, college preparation counseling, community service opportunities, life coaching and exposure to positive professional men. Topics covered during educational programs and workshops include:


The Omega Gents Tutoring Services concentrates on identifying students’ academic problem areas, addressing these areas, and tracking improvement. The key areas of academic focus are: Mathematics, Science, English, and History. Each student will generate challenging yet obtainable goals and benchmarks and have a detailed academic work plan. As students reach their individual benchmarks and goals, they will be awarded incentives to encourage continued hard work and dedication. The ultimate goal is for students to improve both academically and in every facet of young manhood.


Self Identity, Self Esteem & Self Assessment
Goal Setting & Planning
Academic Achievement & College Preparedness
Developing Positive Relationships
Etiquette & Respecting Women
Community Service
Health & Well-being
The development of Omega Gents is monitored and mentors maintain regular communication with parents/guardians.